Why I'm Different

I can imagine you’ll have heard it all before. The false promises from the big I am’s. The blistering, boisterous claims that mislead you into working with a copywriter who doesn’t know the difference between of or off, loose or lose, or SEO and CEO. Yep, I’ve seen it all before.

Although I’m not going to sit here, behind my keyboard and tell you how my keen eye for detail, ability to create compelling copy and my pristine reputation is why I’d be the perfect copywriter for you and your company. No, no I’d never bore you with that kind of malarkey.

But instead, I will enlighten you with my take on what copy is, what copy means to me and why I’m the copywriter for you.

Copy to me is perhaps the coolest job going. Maybe if you aren’t interested in the written word, then stray away from it. But copy is more than some words on a page that a client pays you for.

Copy is the voice behind a company, a product or a project. Its what gives all these factors a different edge, a personality, a voice and completely brings them to life. And the sheer thought of being the creator of that voice fills me to the brim with pride and is the reason why I’m so passionate about what I do.

As cliché as it sounds, I’m a believer. Not only do I believe in myself and my ability to always exceed your expectations through my fresh and exciting copy. But I believe in you. I will believe in your company, product or project as if it were my own and I understand that your business is, well, basically your baby.

With that said, I will always go above and beyond to plan, research and deliver your needs on a silver platter, leaving no area of the process unscathed.

If a copywriter doesn’t have faith in what they are writing, selling or informing customers on, then the road to success for the client is going to be long, bumpy and an overall waste of time. And let’s be real for a moment…how many of us like long, uncomfortable and totally pointless car journeys?

So, rather than search all over for a glass half empty kind of copywriter…look right here and you’ll have found the optimistic, believer ready to grab her keyboard and mug of tea with eager hands, all to help you achieve the next level of success.

Let’s build something together.