Hey there. If you’ve landed here (hopefully feet first), it must mean you’re new to my site. How exciting, It’s lovely to meet you.

Seen as though you’re on this page it must mean you want to know a lil bit about me. Well, it’s pretty straight forward. My name is Emily, but I only ever get that when I’m in trouble or…yeah only when I’m in trouble. So, just call me Em.

I’m not ashamed to say it but I am your typical girly girl, emphasis on the girly. I love all things pretty, all things beauty and fashion, all things good for you (particularly chocolate) and all things totally basic. *This one time a girl tried to insult me by calling me basic and I was like Hun I couldn’t agree more, thank you girl – What a compliment ey?

Anyway, I reckon you’re all starting to get the gist but here’s a little bit of background info as to why I started blogging in the first place…

I started a blog two-three years ago, as a small way to release any stress and anxiety I experienced. In 2016 I became really poorly with a rare eye disease called pan bilateral-uveitis which for a short period left me clinically blind. While the main cause for this eye disease is due to auto-immune illness’, 30% of cases are left without a known cause, mine being one of those. In the end my consultant put it down to a continuous build-up of stress.

In an attempt to help combat feeling anxious on a daily basis, I decided to start writing about my experience, to help others who may be in the same position or similar, and overall raise awareness for pan bilateral-uveitis.

Along the way, and also through my joint honour’s degree in English Literature and History, I fell in love with writing and documenting the aspects of my life that I’m head over heels about, like beauty, fashion, travelling and of course being a mahoosive foodie and home interior enthusiast.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and though my blog began as a result of some unfortunate circumstances, my love for writing grows on the daily because of it. But I think that’s enough soppiness for one day, and in the words of Abby Lee Miller- ‘Leave your tears for your pillow.’

Lets lighten the mood… here are some little facts that will help you get to know me much better.

Get to know Emily…

Fave Colour- Pink, but if we’re going to be particular Baby Pink.

Must Have Make Up Product- MAC lip conditioner. Holy Grail.

Top Tip- Always be yourself because everybody else is taken.

Can’t live without– I mean I should say my glasses because I’m a hazard without them, but deffo my dog.

Fave form of Cardio- walking to the fridge.

Fave film- Legally Blonde 1,2 and soon to be 3. But don’t bother watching the spin off with the twins. Waste. Of. Time.

Fave Bev – Contrary to popular belief (Lucy from 2019 Love Island) a bev is an alcoholic drink- and my fave is either a dissarano and coke OR pink gin and lemonade. But if we wanna be high-brow it would deffo be a raspberry mojito.

Spirit Animal- Bruiser Woods, if you know you know.

Fave Chain Restaurant- Nandos.

Fave City- Manchester or NYC, they’re both pretty sick.

Fave Takeout- Dominos, Original cheese with Tandori chicken topping and a big ol’ garlic n herb dip. *DISCLAIMER- tastes even better the morning after.

Where I get my Inspiration…

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