Let’s Catch Up: Lockdown 2020.

Hey everyone, and welcome back to my blog.

I want to start off by apologising for my absence recently, it’s been a HECTIC couple of weeks, to say the least. Last week I began working full time again which has been a godsend and a total boost to my mental wellbeing. Prior to this, the lockdown was seriously dampening my mental health and I was constantly feeling sluggish, down and quite frankly in a rut.

Up until lockdown I never truly realised just how much having a routine actually meant to me and to, well, a lot of people. Getting a good nights sleep, eating well, tiring out your brain and exercising really do have such a large impact. And lockdown was neglecting me of the majority of the above.

Let’s be real for a whole 2 minutes okay? Resistance bands, a skipping rope and two dumbbells aren’t, and won’t ever be the equivalent to an actual fully functioning gym. Complete with aircon and blue roll to wipe up your butt sweat from the exercise bike you’ve slaved away on for at least 7 minutes. So my patience with home workouts wore thin reallllll quick. Although I did keep on top of my walking and healthier eating, there is seriously only so much a person can do, when a bar of Dairy Milk gives as much satisfaction as a stomach ab line, am I right? Or am I right?

So yes, the home workouts and healthy eating just stopped from the moment I found out that Nando’s in Durham were doing collections and deliveries.

My sleeping pattern was also SHAMBOLIC btw. I was literally up until 3:30am most nights watching Disney Original Movies on Disney+. It was clear that I wanted to relive my youth. Yeah I’m only 21 but clearly I wanted to be 12 again, probably because that was the year I got my period and I felt, and I quote “like a real woman.” Ahhh, what fond memories.

As much as the lockdown has brought both the good and bad sides of my personality out, and made me realise that McDonald’s and weekly trips to the Metro Centre don’t matter whatsoever. This really made me question whether I would really be devastated if it were to happen again? And was I really gutted it happened in the first place?

Don’t get me wrong Covid-19 was an absolute huge kick in the face, for myself and millions of people worldwide. From job losses to death- whatever it was everyone will have either been personally affected by the Coronavirus or know someone who was. I, 100% don’t ever want to Covid-19 to rear it’s ugly little head ever again. But lockdown is a different commodity in itself.

Lockdown has given me a much different perspective on what matters and what quite frankly doesn’t matter to me. I used to class ‘going for food’ as my no.1 hobby, and don’t get me wrong, I still love going for food. But with the money I would typically spend on eating out, I’ve now put into a savings account for Christmas gifts or a holiday. That’s insanity and I’ve lost weight.

The one thing though, that lockdown has truly made me value is the relationships in my life. Whether these be with my boyfriend, friends or family. Momentarily losing the ability to see whoever, wherever, whenever, was something we all religiously took for granted before the world stopped. I have a newfound appreciation for spending time with those who mean the world to me, and made the time I now spend with these people in future much more sentimental.

On the other hand, lockdown has been a great way to find out which relationships aren’t as valuable as what you originally anticipated. Who those friends are who you once thought you couldn’t live without, that haven’t been bothered about checking up on you or responding to a text or even a 10-minute facetime call- whilst there’s a bloody pandemic going on. Like really? Morals? Literally, remove them from your life ASAP. Amen. Sorry for ranting, it just boils my blood that so many people preach about “check-up on your friends you don’t know when they could be struggling.” Perhaps they could be struggling during the global pandemic that is going on? Or maybe not? so don’t bother.

No, remove that negativity.

Lockdown has given us something that we won’t ever get back and that is time. Without trying to sound too whimsical or philosophical, we are never going to get this period of time back. Time where we have been able to grow as humans, to take time to reflect on our flaws, what toxic traits we have that we could improve on and all-round take this time to better ourselves. I’ve learnt so much about myself over the past few months, realised who I can and can’t depend on and how to make some mean meals, all things that prior to this I never had the time, energy or patience for.

So while the Coronavirus has been the biggest inconvenience since unsliced bread, for me personally I’ve really valued the time I’ve had for personal, career and relationship growth. Time that we’re never going to get back, so why on earth not value it?

As lockdown restrictions are continuing to ease, keep staying safe.

Catch up soon, Emily xo