Holy Grail Spring/Summer Accessories.

These past few years…hmmm, probably since I’ve been legally allowed to drink in a beer garden, I’ve become a right sun baby. I used to hate sitting out, basking in the UV rays. I couldn’t abide going on holiday purely to lie in sticky sun tan lotion, cooking like a rotisserie chicken. I was always off playing in the pool for far too long I’d come out looking like a prune. But over the past 4 years something clicked in my brain and now I can’t get enough of the sun.

Although, this year we’re probably not going to get the chance to go abroad and enjoy relaxing by a pool, surrounded by all inclusive cocktails and a bucket load of ice cream. That doesn’t mean we can’t look cute as we enjoy the British someshine (you know, because it’s not sunny everyday.)

So I’m going to share what my holy grail spring/summer accessories are, year in year out.

White Trainers.

White to me, screams summer, and actually a lot of the accessories I’m going to mention in this post are actually white. But a white trainer is a spring must have. Personally, I don’t suit a really chunky trainer, the chunkiest trainers I own are my Alexander McQueen trainers and they only have a minor platform. So I tend to favour something a bit more basic, and a shoe that you can dress up or down.

My go-to summer shoe would have to be the classic Converse All Stars. I’ve purchased around about 5 different versions of this shoe over the past couple of years, as I wear them to death in the summer months.

What I love about these trainers, is that they’re available in a range of colours and a range of fabrics. I love the canvas version because they can be washed in the washing machine, and because they’re breathable, perfect for the warmer summer months. But I also really like the leather all white version too, as I think they maintain that pristine white, which makes them look brand new all year round.

The latest version of this shoe I bought was the High Canvas Converse All Stars (white) which you can get from any department store, or shoe shop, like Schuh, Office or JD Sports for £55.

I find converse last well and rarely wear and tear, I’ve had one pair for well over 10 years and they still look brand new. They’re deffo a summer must have perfect for any occasion, that can be dressed up or down. I love to pair mine with thick cotton branded socks, with shorts and t-shirt. Or for a summer BBQ, I think converse look cute with a floral dress and denim jacket.

Aviator Sunglasses.

You know it’s summer when sunglasses double as a headband, am I right? I have far too many shades, all different colours and different styles. In all honesty I think it’s a necessity because I hate when my bikini’s and sunglasses don’t match on holiday. Or when my cute beer garden outfit, isn’t complete without a suitable pair of shades.

Though I have a vast range of sunnies in my collection, my go-to holy grail glasses have got to be an Aviator style. I find that having an oval shaped face, this style frames my face the most without looking too oversized.

The sunglasses that I’ve been loving since last summer are the Quay Australia High Key Aviators in Silver the ones I own are actually a collab with Desi Perkins (she’s my fave.) So they are no longer stocked on the Quay Australia website, but I have linked the exact same style.

This aviator style never goes out of fashion and is so flattering on so many face shapes, hence why they’re a summer accessory necessity. I ordered mine from Topshop for £40, using student discount, but again you can get these from the Quay website or Missguided.

These glasses are really high quality. I find that the arms aren’t at all flimsy so they don’t slide down your nose or feel loose to wear. Nor are they uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, they don’t feel like they’re tight and could give you a headache.

If you’ve never ordered from Quay before you can do a facial scan to find out what shape your face is, find out which styles are most complimentary to you and try out some of the more adventurous and quirkier styles, which is such a cool feature because some styles can be pricey and you don’t wanna waste those coins.

However, these are a staple in my spring/summer handbag and glove compartment as the silver goes with my jewellery and compliments my skin tone well.

Bleach Blue Denim Jeans.

Blue jeans are a wardrobe staple this time of year. Let’s be real, in England we can’t wear shorts everyday from April to September like you can if you live much, much, much closer to the equator. So you always need a good pair of denim jeans as a back up.

Usually I’d stick to a traditional denim shade, with a couple of rips and a skinny fit. However, now that I have what my mam calls “good child bearing hips” I opt for a straighter leg or mom style fit, and I’ve recently been loving a bleach blue shade as opposed to a vintage blue.

I recently purchased the Bleach Premium Tapered Mom Jeans from Topshop, which cost £45, and these are the first jeans I’ve bought for a long time with no rips or slashes. These are super comfy, with a nice high waist band which means I can confidently pair a cropped top with these or alternatively a bodysuit or t-shirt. What I love most about these jeans, is how they can be dressed up and down. So for day drinks round Newcastle I’d pair these with a white cropped, puff sleeve top and some white lace up barely-there heels. Or alternatively, some chunky-ish (personal preference) trainers and a t-shirt of body for a more relaxed image.

Also these jeans aren’t 100% denim, they do have a little stretch to them, which I LOVE, comfort is key after all.

Chunky White Belt

If you’ve got jeans, you’re going to need a belt. Well at least in my case that is. I don’t know about you guys but jeans without a belt gives me the ICK. It just irks me. I don’t know why, because on other people I think nothing of it, but on myself..I just can’t do it.

A spring time staple, therefore, has to be a nice big chunky white belt. Most of the time I tend to favour black accessories over white, purely because a lot of the time I’ll wear a black leather jacket or coat, or black high-waisted trousers. I think black belts look great in the Autumn and Winter, but can be a little dull in the Spring and Summer months.

So to compliment my Summer wardrobe I ordered the Double Grommet PU Belt in white from Motel Rocks. This retails for £15 but I used a 20% discount code, so I think it worked out around £12.50-ish (maths isn’t my forte.) I love that this belt can be adjusted to fit any size. Soooo many of my belts have random holes in them from wearing different waist bands ie high waisted or mid rise jeans, so this is great for all jeans.

Pearl Headband.

Since headbands made a Blair Waldorf style revamp, I have been on that bandwagon. In-fact I’ve been loving pretty much all hair accessories at the moment. From bandanas, to head scarves (not in a Grandma way in a fashion way) and chunky hair clips.

But one that has been a staple accessory to my spring outfits so far this year, is a Pearl Headband. Because my S/S wardrobe is so heavily dominated by white, creams and pastels I find this goes best with most of my outfits. I find pearls a really elegant touch to outfits, so you can dress a casual outfit up with this one piece.

You can get these pearl headbands from pretty much any fashion retailer; Topshop, Newlook, River Island but you’re looking at anything from £15-£30. However I actually picked up mine from F&F (in Tesco) for £3, so if you are struggling to get your hands on one of these this summer, then don’t forget to try places like Tesco or Sainsbury’s as their accessories range are really flattering and super affordable.

*UPDATE- I can’t find the exact one I have but for a cheaper alternative, PLT have a couple on their website too, if you follow the link here.*

I’ve tried to provide links where I can for anyone wanting to purchase any of the above items. But if you’re struggling leave a comment below or pop me a dm and I’ll try my best to help you out. As always future blog ideas are greatly welcomed so please send any ideas my way.

Keep staying safe,

Lots of love,

Emily xo