My Five Favourite Foundations.

In my whole 21 years on this earth, I have acquired multiple hobbies, that I’m kinda really obsessed with. Number 1) Going out for food. I never knew going out for breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner/tea/dessert/coffee could be a hobby, but alas I was wrong and I’m excellent at going out for food. Like I have nailed this hobby. There’s even been times in my life where I’ve legitimately questioned a career change from a writer to a food critic. But unfortunately with an ever changing metabolism I think we’ll stick with typing, and keep my skinny fingers.

Number 2) Obviously blogging and writing, I think that goes without saying. But Number 3) is Foundations. I am obsessed with foundation and if loving foundation, as much as I do, is wrong, well, you know I don’t want to be right.

Because I’m obsessed with trying out new foundations, cult classic foundations, foundations that aren’t supposed to compliment my kind of skin, I thought I’d share my current top five favourite foundations. Now this can change quite regularly, as I love to trial and error new products, however these are the foundations I have reached for, or re-purchased or discovered within the last 6-12 months that I love.

So let’s dive in…

5. Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Foundation: Medium Coverage.

I absolutely love Charlotte Tilbury make-up, from the aesthetic and packaging, to the quality of the products, and even their marketing campaigns- it’s all pretty much faultless. Tilbury ensures that whatever it is she’s launching that every step is executed so elegantly and flawlessly, which is so true to her brand. And when this foundation launched last year, this was no exception.

The sought after, matte-ifying foundation was launched in a whopping 44 shades, making the product inclusive to all skin types- I personally think this had to be done to make the foundation a strong competitor to cult classic Huda Beauty ‘Faux Filter’ and Rhianna’s Fenty Beauty ‘Pro Filt’r.’ This was also a large increase from Tilbury’s Magic Foundation, which was only available in 20 shades. So we already have a green tick in this box, because it’s a foundation for everyone.

I really love the coverage of this foundation, despite it being a medium coverage its buildable. Because it has a matte finish it means that it’s super easy to build and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. But I’d recommend using a good moisturiser underneath to prevent your skin from feeling dried out.

The only downfall I found with this product was the smell of it. I have numerous foundations that smell absolutely unreal, and putting them on my face is such a blissful experience and as daft as it sounds that’s the kinda experience I want when I do my make up. Because of this I tend to favour other foundations over this one in terms of reaching for it regularly, but this doesn’t take away from the fact it’s really good coverage, inclusive for most skin tones and the fact it always looks good when I wear it.

4. MAC Mineralise Moisture Foundation SPF 15: Sheer Coverage.

MAC make-up gives me all the feels, it was the first ‘high end’ or ‘expensive’ makeup I ever tried and this was what really kick started my love for make-up. MAC to me is like a rite of passage, every teenage girl at somepoint has what I call THE MAC obsession, and 9 times out of 10 it’s with the lipsticks.

Anyway, I think I’ve tried almost all the MAC foundations, and to be honest I’m not head over-heels for many of them at all. But last year I discovered this little gem, and this is my go-to ‘Summer Foundation.’

I picked this up before I went to Corfu last year in the shade NW20, which is a couple of shades darker than my natural skin tone, but it was perfect for when I had a tan. Unfortunately for me, I can’t for the life of me get away with wearing no foundation on holiday and tbf nor do I want too. Like these photos are my memories and I still want to look as much like my full Instagram glam self as possible.

So this was a really great addition to my make-up bag when I was away. It’s so lightweight and dewy, it just gives you that natural summer glow with a little bit of coverage, but you can also build it up to a medium coverage if you’d like too. Last summer this was my go-to daily foundation and this summer (if we’re allowed out) I’ll follow the same suit.

3. L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Coverage Matte Foundation: Full Coverage.

This is a game changer. One of my favourite things is when a ‘drugstore’ brand releases make-up that is on par with those in the big leagues. This foundation changed my life and for only £9.99 I wouldn’t have complained if it didn’t, but it did so I was buzzing…what a win win situation.

I’d heard so many amazing reviews about this product so when I was in Boots over Christmas, I HAD to pick it up.

This foundation is very full coverage and lasts all day and I mean it doesn’t crease, doesn’t budge..sweaty? Nope it’s not going anywhere.

I don’t tend to swing for this one if I’m going out, but as far as everyday foundations go this one I really get on with. It smells amazing (as you can tell I love when things smell nice) and for the price you can’t, I repeat, can’t go wrong. Whether I use it solo or mix it in with my everyday foundation (Number 2) for added coverage- I use this if not daily, then at least every other day. And if full coverage isn’t full enough for you pair this with the Infallible concealer- life changing make-up for under £20- you’re welcome.

2. Nars Natural Radiant Long-wear Foundation: Medium Coverage.

If I could describe this foundation in three words I’d say: Natural, Radiant and Long-wearing- which oddly enough is how Nars described it too. There’s a few factors I love when it comes to foundations- one of them being, when the foundation truly lives up to it’s name and this product seriously lives up to the expectations I had for her.

This is my go-to everyday foundation, it lasts all day, it doesn’t look too cakey or thick, it has a little dewy finish to it but it’s not excessive, so it doesn’t leave my skin looking greasy, oily or sweaty. It just works so well for my skin and I love it. Since purchasing this a little over a year ago I’ve re-purchased it at least twice again, maybe even 3 times since. And for someone who loves to try new foundations I think that says a lot.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Nars and out of the three infamous Nars foundations, the Natural Radiant Long-wear is 100% my favourite. I’ll occasionally mix this in with my L’Oreal Infallible purely for added coverage, however that’s personal preference, as it works amazingly on it’s own.

1. Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation: Full Coverage x10.

There was almost a tussle up for my current favourite foundation, because I can’t emphasise enough how much I love the Nars one. But if you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know that this one I’ve rated as my fave has had a long-standing place in my make-up drawer and my heart for a while now.

The Huda Beauty Faux Filter foundation has to take the number one spot on my list. I’ve used it for well over a year now, and again that screams volumes. It is sooooo full coverage, but because of it’s satin finish it doesn’t look too cakey or thick and it’s extremely hydrating for the skin. Not to mention it smells fresh and fruity, which I LOVE.

Although I don’t reach for this foundation everyday like I do my Nars, it is my go-to occasion wear base, because it’s reliable and never lets me down. If ever I’m going away for a weekend, or some drinks with my friends or even a night out, this is what I’ll wear as it looks so good in photos too and just doesn’t move off your face. Again this is a product that truly lives up to it’s name, your skin looks totally airbrushed once applied and is a solid base if you’re wanting your make up to last all day.

This foundation retails for £32, which is pricy but compared to others of a similar price, or more expensive, I’d highly recommend this little beauty.

Thanks for reading. Please let me know any of your fave foundations as I’d love to try them out for myself.

Lots of Love and Sat Safe,

Emily xo

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