My March Favourites.

Woah, how on earth are we now in April? So much has gone on already this year, from Brexit and Megxit, to a potential third world war, Australia was on fire (is it still on fire?) and now a pandemic. I genuinely can’t keep up and I’m not entirely sure I want too.

But April has always been one of my favourite months. April symbolises multiple things for me. It’s the start of the light nights which means, more time to go out for runs (I don’t run but I’m sure some of you do), and for those of you, like me, who don’t run, it means long, relaxing walks…to your local beer garden. April also means Easter, and aside from Christmas, Easter is my favourite holiday. Endless chocolate, fish and chips on Good Friday, and two bank holidays, I mean what isn’t there to love about April.

However, before I start getting ahead of myself, we are going to talk about what products I have not only been loving in March, but what products I have been living for. From haircare to skincare, some are new and some are old, but these are the six products I’ve reached for a lot this month, so without further ado, let’s get cracking.

1. The Bodyshop Vitamin C Moisturiser.

The Vitamin C range by the Bodyshop is my all time favourite skin care range. If you’ve read my posts before, you’ll know I big up this range like it’s one of my friends photos on insta post break up. This range gives me everything and more than I could possibly want to ensure that my skin looks fresh and healthy everyday. My current daily skin care routine consists of the Vitamin C, face wash and the Vitamin C peel, along with a different face-mask every third day. Recently I ran out of the Vitamin C skin reviver, which acts as a primer for my make up, but instead of re-purchasing this, I decided to try the everyday moisturiser. And because I’m not wearing any make up as of now it seemed pretty pointless to buy it again. Being in lockdown has caused my skin to dry up as I’m spending a lot of time indoors, so I was keen to add something into my routine that would just add some hydration back in to my skin, and this little beauty works a treat. If you suffer from dull or dry skin this is a lifesaver, and just really locks in a nice daily dose of moisture into your face and neck. *Disclaimer*- my mamma always taught me to moisturise my neck and although I don’t listen to her that much, this I did listen too.

2. Elemis Apricot Soothing Toner.

As someone who swears by a strict skin care regime, I think it’s always important to incorporate new products into your routine as the seasons change. My skin always struggles to adjust to the change in weather, and now that the weather is gradually becoming milder, we needed to make a little change in skin care. Up until March I had never used any Elemis products, but I got this little toner bottle in a Christmas set, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

The smell is insane, and because of the fresh, fruity apricot smell, this product screams high end (and probably because Elemis is high end.) It’s been a great new asset to my daily routine and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dried out or tight once I’ve used it, which a lot of toners have a reputation of doing. Although I probably wouldn’t purchase it myself, once I run out, it has been refreshing just to add something a little bit more luxurious into my skin care routine, and in doing so my skin has reaped the benefits.

3. Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker XL Lip Plumper.

I absolutely love looking after my lips and ensuring that they are constantly soft and supple. During the colder months I made it my mission to find a lip balm or gloss that prevents them from chapping and getting sore, due to the cold air. However, more recently normal lip balms, like Vaseline, Carmex and Nivea haven’t been helping my little lips whatsoever, I literally think I’ve become immune if that’s even possible. I needed something a little more heavy duty, and earlier this month I discovered the Soap and Glory lip plump. Not only does it create luscious plumped lips, but the formula ensures that they don’t chap, maintaining lovely soft lips all day and all night. Though it does sting and feel quite hot on the lips initially, it doesn’t last long, but this also signifies the product is working. If you can get over the initial tingly stage I’d highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a stronger lip balm as this works absolute wonders for chapped or dehydrated lips.

4. Urban Decay- Naked Heat Petite Palette.

It’s has been a while since I’ve used any Urban Decay eyeshadows, especially having discovered cheaper products that are much more pigmented like the Morphe palettes. But more recently, UD have deffo upped their game when it comes to their eyeshadow formula’s, and this was something I noticed in their mini Naked Heat palette. Having been gifted this at Christmas, when I began working full time in March I found it had every colour I could possibly want (even though there is only 6) to create soft and subtle everyday glam make up look, literally in minutes. From the inner corner highlight, to the smoke shade, it’s just the ideal product for me and my skin tone. I love warm shades and it has EVERYTHING I could possibly need. What I also love about this product is, bar the highlight all the shades are matte so any make up look isn’t too OTT for work. Likewise more sultry looks can be created if you’re just going out for drinks and are wanting that matte, feline, blown out eye image. I just love love love this palette and I’m so happy UD have created a shadow formula that is much more pigmented, because the UD palettes are truly are iconic to any make up collection.

5. Mark Hill Style Addict Taming Polish.

Not only am I completely obsessed with skin care, but right now I’m loving finding new products to make sure my hair is always in the best condition. With having hair extensions it is very rare I wash my own hair (swear I’m not mega high maintenance it’s just a chew) as I get a blow dry every week just to ensure my weave is kept in good condition. Not to mention, I also have naturally thick and curly hair so it takes me HOURS to wash and blow dry my own hair, before I even think about styling it. But I wouldn’t change it for the world and I love having my extensions in, they are life changing, and I would highly recommend to anyone even considering them.

However, having been in isolation for almost 2 weeks, I’ve had to pluck up the courage and try to maintain my hair as best I can, which in all honesty hasn’t been too hard thanks to my Mark Hill Taming Polish. I swear by Mark Hill hair care products and this guy is no exception. Because my natural hair is curly I like to smooth down any fly aways once styled, however this can sometimes leave your hair feeling greasy and looking that way too, predominantly if you use serums or oils. But this product is more waxy than oily, with a matte-ifying finish that prevents this from happening. It controls all my baby hairs and all my fly aways like no other product ever has and smells out of this world. A little bit goes a long way and it really holds both straight or curled hair styles. This will be a staple product in my haircare regime for a long time and it’s so affordable at only £3.99, so even if you try it and don’t love it as much as me it’s not going to break the bank.

6. Huda Beauty Demi Matte Liquid Lipstick- Day Slayer.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I’m a HUGE Huda Beauty enthusiast, I just rate everything they’ve ever released extremely high in my estimations. The price in particular is incredible for the quality of their products and the Demi-Matte Liquid Lipsticks are no exception. I purchased one of their DMLL back in December and I chose the shade ‘Day Slayer’ because it looked like the perf nude for day and night, as it can be changed dramatically by the liner used underneath. This was £18.00 from Cult Beauty, which I think is a great price for a liquid lipstick of such high quality. Again, this was a fave of mine when I started working full time and was constantly in my work bag at all times. Although its only a demi-matte coverage, it still lasts all day and gives a gorgeous shine to the lips without leaving them feeling dehydrated or chapped (as we know I don’t like that feeling.) I would 100% re-purchase this product again, however, I don’t actually think the range of colours is that spectacular, but I’m sure as the brand expands, more colours will begin to be released in the future. But if you love the nude shades as much as me, this is a must.

I’m a sucker for trying out new products and I love hearing what products you guys rate. Leave a comment below of any beauty/skincare/haircare recommendations you guys have.

Lots of Love, stay safe and remember to wash your hands.

Emily xo