Brow Trend Face Off: The Insta Brow vs Soap Brows.

Over the past five or six years, brows have become SUCH a big deal. Instagram became a huge platform for setting off crazes and trends, so its no surprise that when make-up gurus began to use this social media platform for their fave looks, brows were pretty much at the forefront of these trends.

For years the ‘Insta Brow’ has been a trend that girls and guys have been completely obsessed with, and for me personally, I have loved. Though this brow trend has faced criticism for being too fake looking or ‘slug-like’ there is no denying that we haven’t all tried it.

But more recently the Insta Brow has had fierce competition from a brand new trend…the soap brow. Soap Brows have been a thing since mid-2019, however it hasn’t been till the back end of the year that this craze has really caught on and taken the gram by storm.

So what I’m going to do is compare these two brow crazes and find out which works best for me, which products work best for me and which brow trend I’ll be repping for 2020.

The ‘Insta Brow.’ 

As mentioned above the Insta brow has been the go-to brow look for most MUAs for the longest time. The majority of people love a dark, dominant brow and that is what you get. It works for sparse brows, bushy brows, no eyebrows? no problem with this trend.

All you really need to nail this look is a thin brow pencil, brow pomade, brow gel, and concealer.

First of all, I use a thin brow pencil to fill in any sparse area of my eyebrow. I tend to get my brows tinted so I don’t always have to complete this step. But when I do want to fill my eyebrows in I use the Benefit ‘Precisely My Brow Pencil’ in the shade 3. This is a perfect match from my brows and the little spooly on the opposite end is great for brushing my brows through.

Once my brows are filled in, I then use an angled brush, my fave is the Zoeva 317 brush and my Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Dip Brow’ in the shade medium brown and go to town on the mid section to the tail of my brow. I completely fill this area in so it’s all one shade. Then I begin to work on the front of my brow. I wipe the excess product onto a makeup wipe and then begin to fill the front of my brow. This gives the illusion of a thick but faded brow, so although its quite strongly shaped, the brow still looks natural.

*a little eyebrow tip- Before I use a pomade I always wet my brush. Whether this is with a setting spray or simply with a makeup wipe, this just ensures the product doesn’t dry out on your brow and create a flakey fallout. No one wants flakey brow pomade fallout.

Now that my brows are all filled in I like to carve them out and give them a really nice shape. To do this I use the Collection 2000 ‘Lasting Perfection concealer.’ I love this product I use it for everything, from hiding breakouts to priming my eyelids, it’s so good and so affordable. I use the Real Techniques detailer brush, as well as a small bit of concealer to make each brow symmetrical. I do this both above and underneath my already filled in brow. This is great if you have a few rogue brow hairs underneath your actual brow, as the concealer hides them perfectly.

To finish off I use a brow gel to keep my brows in place for the rest of the day. The one I always reach for is the Benefit ’24 Hour Brow Gel,’ which really does hold your brows in place all day and all night. Your brows will not move for the foreseeable future or until you take your makeup off, so if you’re looking to invest in a reliable brow gel, look no further than your local benefit counter.

Soap Brows. 

Unlike the Insta Brow this trend really only uses one product, depending on how thick your brows are. To create the bushy soap brow, I use the West Barn Co, ‘Soap Brows’ kit which includes a small metal tin of transparent soap and a spooly.

My brows aren’t particularly bushy or thick, though I do try to keep on top of waxing them they still have quite a prominent shape, which fits my face. I’ve tried growing my brows out multiple times but it’s not for me as I like a defined arch, for highlighting my brow bone. Because of that, I wasn’t sure whether this trend would suit me, however, I did like the end result.

The Soap Brow kit is super straight forward and easy to use. You start off by wetting the spooly and using a rolling motion, press the spooly into the soap product. This ensures that the spooly is completely covered in the product.

Then, simply brush the brows in the desired direction. For me, I love the idea of slightly slanted brushed brows. So I brush the brows at the front in an upward motion and then from the arch to the tail I brush these brows towards my temples. This creates an extremely natural brow, so if you’re one to opt for the ‘no makeup, makeup’ look, then sis this is the product for you.

I like to use my brow pencil, to create the illusion of a thicker brow, but if you already have bushy brows then I think you can skip this step. I finish off by brushing some brow gel through the hairs and bobs your uncle, your done.

What’s my verdict? 

There are pros and cons to both brow trends so it is hard to make a final decision on which brow I prefer, as they are both SO different.

What I love about the Insta Brow is the fact if you nail it, then it will always look good. For a glam look it looks poppin’, for everyday make up you can tone it down. It just works and it works really well and that’s why it has been a staple look for the past couple of years because everyone can pull it off.

My only concern with this trend is it can be a bit on the pricey side. For all of the products I use you are looking at around the £55.00 mark. Though there are cheaper alternatives, these are the products I’ve found work best for me and give the best result. So if you can sustain paying that price on a 3-4 monthly basis then maybe this is the brow trend more suited to you.

On the other hand, I didn’t think I’d like the Soap Brow trend on my own brows, as my brows are quite nondescript but I really liked the end result.  Like I’ve said before I’m an all or nothing kinda girl, it’s either full glam or nothing. But in 2020 I’m wanting to try more ‘your face but better’ kind of makeup looks at this is exactly what I need to help pull off that look.

The West Barn Co Soap Brows is a bargain at only £12.99. It’s a vegan-friendly product so great for those trying ‘Veganuary’ and the packaging is all recyclable and eco-friendly fabrics. The product comes in a card box, the actual soap brows are in a small metal tin and the spooly handle is also made from wood. My only concern is the spooly is a little flimsy, when I try to pick up the product with this tool. But I’m not going to complain especially because it is an eco-friendly product and a total bargain.

Though I personally wouldn’t use the soap brows for a glam look, I do think this product will come into its own during the spring and summer months. It’s perfect for on holiday as its waterproof and just looks totally natural.

For 2020 I’m leaning towards repping the Soap Brows on a day to day basis, but I’ll be keeping the Insta Brow in my back pocket for glam looks and for special occasions. Because nothing ties a full coverage make up look all together like a sculpted brow.

So now you know what my favourite brow trend is, I wanna know what’s your fave brow trends?

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