Revolution X Rachel Leary Palette Review.

Once upon a time long, long ago I’d love to splurge money on expensive make up. Particularly pretty eye shadow palettes. Who am I kidding…I can honestly say it was much more of an unhealthy addiction the amount of time I’d spend saving to get the new Urban Decay or Huda Beauty palettes. 

However, as times have changed and I no longer have a student loan to finance my make-up ‘necessities,’ I decided it’s time to slowly branch out and try, as the American’s call it, ‘drug store products.’ Now, before I begin to sound like a total make-up snob, I do use a lot of products that can be purchased from places like Boots and Superdrug. Most of my daily skin care products I purchase from either Tesco, Boots or even Wilko’s. As well as using drug store concealers, lip-liners, etc…the list goes on. But previously I never reached for reasonably priced palettes under the impression that they would be less pigmented, poor quality and an overall waste of money. 

So, when my favourite You-tuber Rachel Leary released two palettes in collaboration with well renowned make-up brand, Revolution, I decided to break my rule and crush my own presumptions of drug store palettes and try them out. Holy guacamole I was shook. I haven’t really been as committed to my love of sparkly eyelids ever since I began feeding a new addiction of individual lash extensions, and not wanting to ruin my lash technicians phenomenal work. But these palettes restored my love for a glittery lid and restored my faith in affordable make up.

During my day off on Tuesday I nipped into my local Superdrug and picked up both the ‘Ultimate Goddess Palette’, which retails at £15. This is the turquoise palette featured below. I also picked up the smaller coral coloured, ‘Goddess-on-the-Go’ Palette, which retails at £10. Following my purchase I flew home (it was national speed limit most of the way and I do adhere to the speeding regulations, this is just a figure of speech) and immediately tried them out. So here is my review. 

First of all the packaging. I am a sucker for pretty, instagramable packaging. Something that is really quirky, yet minimalistic and Rachel and Revolution completely nailed it. Rather than using a card palette, much like the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk one, Revolution opted for a plastic shell case which if you’re a complete clean-a-phobe (like me) then this is IDEAL. I hate when I have a brand new, beautiful, clean palette that can instantly be ruined by the smallest smudge of foundation across a card casing. So it’s great that I can get both these palettes as mucky as possible and within seconds they can look brand new again. This is a big benefit for me so I’d rate the packaging 12/10. Not to mention the amazing quality of the mirrors featured in both…a big deciding factor for me when it comes to purchasing a palette. 

Prior to purchasing these products I had a rough idea of which palette would be better suited to my skin tone, however I could not resist such a bargain. The on the go palette includes 9 eye shadows as well as 4 face colours; including a contour, a bronze, a blush and a highlight.  This palette is perfect for the girl or guy on the go, hence the name. But although this product is ideal for the regular traveller I would recommend this product to people with a naturally warm skin tone due to the warm tones located inside. I have blonde hair and brown eyes therefore I find it difficult to get away with cooler shades like silvers, greys and blues. Whereas in this palette neither of the matte shades or shimmers are cool toned, it includes pinks, golds, coppers and browns which is perfect for me. This is a palette I would pack for a weekend away as it has every colour I would reach for to create a daytime or nighttime glam eye. The only downfall I would give this palette is the pigmentation of the shimmers. However they are buildable and for a tenner I’m not going to complain that it can take a bit longer to get the true effect of these shades. Or for a sneaky little tip, if you do struggle to get the shimmers to show their true effect, try spraying your brush with a setting spray before using these shades. My favourite would be the MAC Fix+ which retails at £21 but a cheaper alternative would be NYX setting spray in either matte or dewy which costs £7. This just helps the product to stick to your brush, and naturally stick to your eyelid. It also enhances the pigmentation. Even if a palette is really pigmented like the Huda products, this tip just prevents that really irritating fall out which, not to sound dramatic, can practically ruin your day. Overall I’d rate this palette an 8.5/10. 

Moving on, the Ultimate Goddess palette includes 9 face shades, which could also be used as eyeshadows. As well as 16 mini eyeshadow shades, therefore creating countless looks for different occasions. So for £15 you’ve got a real value for your money. Originally I didn’t think I’d reach for this product compared to the on the go, but the looks you can create are almost endless. It really is a palette for everyone. I still feel both palettes are better suited to warmer skin tones as this one also includes the burnt orange shades, yellows and coppers. However if you do have a cooler skin tone this product would be better for you out of the two. But at the end of the day it is all about your own personal preference. Once again my only downfall with this palette is the shimmers, which do take time to build up. But for the price it really is only a small issue. I’d also have liked bigger pans for the eyeshadows I always find it tricky when it comes to using small shadows to make sure they don’t cross contaminate shades but now I’m just being picky. I’d rate this palette a 7/10 purely because I don’t think I will reach to use it as much as the other product, BUT it has the essential shades to kickstart any make-up kit and for £15 you really can’t go wrong.

So if you are wanting to expand your make-up kit but don’t want to have to save for the next luxury palette just try popping into your local Superdrug. I can’t believe I hadn’t done this sooner because of my own assumptions of cheaper products which have now been completely wiped out. I’m really excited to try other Revolution products and give you guys the run down on my latest drugstore bargains. 

Thanks for reading and I hope I’ve helped at least one of you in your quest for affordable make-up!