Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Review.

It has been far too long since I found myself sat behind my laptop ready to write another blog post, but finally here I am. At last. The past few weeks I have been so busy with University deadlines, family commitments and birthdays. However I am back and will be back on my regular blogging regime. 

So without further ado I’m going to proceed with this blogs purpose, which is a review of the Fuji-film Instax mini 9 aka the cutest Polaroid camera you will see all day, I swear. 

Fujifilm Instax mini 9- Ice Blue.

Each Christmas my grandparents give me high street/love2shop vouchers which I can use at a large variety of shops, to get something I would like rather than another pair of PJ’s and fluffy socks. After battling with my emotions over getting a new Vivienne Westwood bag and a Polaroid camera I decided on the latter. For a long time I’ve been thinking about purchasing a Polaroid camera, as I love the concept of taking a photo and getting the picture printed instantaneously. Being able have a physical memento from the time the memory is made rather than have it on my camera roll and then have to go and get it printed out, Polaroid’s just seem a lil bit more magical.

Therefore, once I finished researching into which would be the best camera to invest in I decided upon the Fuji-film Instax mini 9. They are probably the most popular Polaroid currently available on the market due to their unique and quirky appearance. Rather than sticking to the traditional style, this camera is condensed and cute and fits perfectly in your handbag which means it is a lot more mobile and portable. Overall this means it has more use and isn’t a pain to carry around. 
The only thing I could fault at this moment in time would be the colour range. All the camera’s come in the most amazing colours, varying from white, to pastel yellow to hot pink to lime green. There is just too much choice. I decided on the Ice Blue camera purely because it looks super cute in my room which has some small aspects of blue mixed in with all the sparkles. Included in the polaroid package is a box of film (10 shots), a new lens, a handy wrist strap and some batteries. I would definitely recommend attaching the wrist strap purely because they are still quite large cameras, and tricky to hold comfortably in just one hand. For £74.99, from Argos, I feel as though I did get my money’s worth or vouchers worth should I say. 
However there is a lot of misconception about the price of the film for a polaroid camera. Naturally the film, which is credit card sized so it fits perfectly in your wallet or phone case, can be quite dear simply because it is needed for this product (therefore they can make it expensive) and the material used is often of good quality. However for the Instax mini 9, 20 shots of film works out at £14.99 which is a lot cheaper than other polaroid based film. I bought 2 packs of film not including the pack that features with the package. Overall I have 50 shots and so far have only used 5 of them, but the results so far have been amazing. 

As shown by the image to the left the Polaroids have an extremely vintage effect and they honestly do not take a bad photo. Everything just looks that bit prettier. I’m yet to be disappointed with this product and can’t wait to see the images from my tip to London and my summer holiday too.
If you are thinking of investing in a polaroid, don’t hesitate to look at the Fuji-Film Instax mini 9. It is ideal for an occasion.