6 Tips to Stress Less.

Whether it’s dealing with regular deadlines at work, university or school. Being caught up in stressful relationships with friends, family or significant others. Or even just debating what you should wear every morning before you leave the house, we all at some point feel at war with two strong emotions, stress and anxiety. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t react in a negative way due to everyday pressures in our lives. But how we do deal with these is vital to leading not only a positive life but also a healthy life.

(Although I wish I could)

Although it’s easier said than done, suffering from anxiety or stress can quickly and easily be deflated. As someone who previously dealt with stress in a negative manner, so badly that it put my health at risk, I felt it was important to share some of the ways I manage to control my stress levels which results in an anxiety free life. So here is 6 simple but effective ways that can help to relieve stress and prevent anxiety. Because we can’t all jet off on hols when we are stressed out.

1. Talk it out.

Talking about your problems is key. You probably think that no one will be interested in hearing about your daily dilemmas, that nobody cares or that you have no one to turn to. The likelihood is someone somewhere will be willing to listen. Whether this is a family member or a friend, a work colleague or a teacher. Talking about your issues and venting them is a crucial way of avoiding stress and anxiety. Keeping your emotions bottled up is extremely unhealthy and can lead to a deterioration in your health and mental wellbeing. So voice what you feel.

2. If you you don’t want to talk…write (or type).

If you don’t feel confident enough to talk to anyone about the motives behind your stress, write it down. This is something that really helps me out when I feel under pressure. If you believe that you can’t turn to anyone to discuss your problems start keeping a diary or online journal where you can vent privately. I found this extremely beneficial. As a person that NEEDS to talk about their problems when they have them, I sometimes feel that I annoy those who I choose to turn to and that can be difficult to deal with as everyone has their own opinion. Therefore writing or typing out how you feel acts as an efficient coping mechanism for dealing with stress. But don’t be afraid to turn to those around you to discuss your problems.  

3. Surround yourself with positivity.

As cliché as it sounds surrounding yourself with positive people is a an essential element in relieving stress. Undoubtedly everyone goes through rough patches but surrounding yourself with negative energy and people who thrive off seeing you as miserable as them can be damaging and increase anxiety levels. Having to worry about your own issues is one way stress can sky rocket, but also having to constantly feel like you have to make everyone around you happy can become tedious. Ridding yourself of negative energy is a quick way to instantly relieve any anxiety you may have, and replacing this with people who you know you’re going to have fun with will massively help ease your mind of any stress. However do not get into the habit of depending on someone else for your own happiness. Finding someone who brings the best version of yourself to the surface is ideal but depending on them for your own mental wellbeing can in the long run increase stress levels. It’s ok to surround yourself with likeminded and positive people but be your own hero.

4. Be Active.

A healthy body equals a healthy mind and all that malarkey, but never a truer word has been spoke. Whether you’re a budding gym goer or not, keeping active keeps your mind active and is great for your mental stability. It’s a great stress reliever as (excuse the legally blonde reference) Elle Woods once said “exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy.” Sticking to a regular gym routine is ideal for those who use exercise as anxiety outlet however if that’s not for you going out for a walk and exploring new places can also bring harmony and serenity to your life. This could be a walk to the beach, park or even shopping centre but getting out and being active helps bring those stress levels right down. Do this alone or with a friend or family member and make it fun and enjoyable.

5. Plan Ahead.

Stress can be caused by many things, but as a university student the main cause of my stress usually spurs from up and coming assignments. But this tip can be an essential asset for anyone who gets stressed about managing hectic schedules.  Worrying that you have started to late, that you don’t fully understand the briefing or just feeling under pressure to achieve the best grade, planning ahead is vital. Purchasing a diary or using the calendar app in your phone are ways in which you can plan your weeks leading up to the deadline date. Making sure you have enough time to gather the supplies or information you need to make the run up to your deadline as smooth as a pair of freshly shaved legs.

6. Be Selfish.

When overcome by stress it can feel like the world is completely against you. But during stressful times it’s important that you put yourself first. Dealing with your own problems, as well as managing other peoples can only increase your anxiety. This will only just provoke any health issues that could be hiding under the surface and act as a catalyst for a decline in emotional stability. It’s ok to be selfish and actually extremely healthy to indulge in ‘you’ time. Whether this is spending the day watching films or just going out for a walk, do not neglect yourself and your own wellbeing.

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